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Private investigators in Sydney for surveillance and factual investigations. Experienced investigators, email, phone 1300 966 103, or for 24/7 inquiry form Investigators. There is more private investigator information on tabs to your left. When you need experienced investigators, including ex-police investigators.

Private investigators work is generally dissected into two spheres, factual investigation and surveillance investigation.
Sydney Surveillance, used as a tool in the conducting of investigations, it may be either static or mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted or on foot, and includes covert entries (where lawful).
Factual Investigation, the term given to the interviewing of persons, the gathering of affidavits (Statements), the compilation of timelines, the dissection of, and investigation of, allegations (including allegations briefs) and the location and preservation of evidence.
A private investigator does not 'spy', they investigate; they gather information for reward. It is legal to use a licensed private investigator. When you need Sydney private investigators contact us for a free quote.